About The Daughters Of Divine Love

Christ’s call to love his people is not just a call for some, but a call for all; it is not a hope for tomorrow, but a mission for today. The Daughters of Divine Love, impelled by the gospel of Christ and the mission of our founder, are called to a courageous response to Divine Love Incarnate in contemplation, harmonious community living, and apostolic action made visible in selfless liberating service to the entire creation.

Our Community

The member pronounce the public vows of Chastity, Poverty and Obedience, and dedicate themselves to contemplation and apostolic work. The Congregation, recognized by their blue veil, is uniquely joyful in our service because we’ve experienced God’s love ourselves in our lives. We believe that it is of the utmost importance that we commit to the communities which we serve for the long term.

"Caritas Christi"

Our History

The Daughters of Divine Love Congregation, a Pontifical and International order of religious women founded by Bishop Godfrey Mary Paul Okoye, CSSP, on July 16, 1969 in Nigeria, during the agonizing and ravaging Nigeria-Biafra war. By God’s mercy this mustard seed, DDL, has grown into a big tree and today we have over 900 sisters ministering in 15 countries around the world.

The Members Of Divine Love

Mother Anastasia Dike, Mother General

Novices, Group Under Formation

Postulants, Group Under Formation

Tertianship Group With Their Mistress

Daughters In American Region

Sons Of Divine Love

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Committed To Community Across The World

The sisters adapt their mission to the needs of their communities. This means that the sisters ministry looks very different in every location. Some are involved in feeding the hungry, some are involved in education, or more heavily invested in building housing for the homeless. Our sisters are encouraged to continue to put their vocational skills at the disposal of their community. We have active lawyers, builders, and educators using their gifts to serve.


Nigeria – 653 sisters
Kenya – 22 sisters
Gabon- 16 sisters
Chad – 6 sisters
Cameroon – 6 sisters
Mali – 4 sisters


United States- 69 sisters
States: Illinois, New York, Texas, New Jersey, Kentucky, Washington, D.C., Arkansas, Suriname
Jamaica – 7 sisters
Cuba – 4 sisters
Haiti – 3 sisters


Germany – 71 sisters
England – 59 sisters
Italy – 19 sisters
Austria – 4 sisters
Switzerland – 4 sisters
Scotland – 3 sisters
France – 3 sisters
Belgium – 2 sisters