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Ololade – Water for the Thirsty

My name is Ololade and I am the principal at Effiwa Preschool & Elementary School. In Nigeria water sources are very scarce. They must collect rainwater, buy water from tankers, or travel miles to lift draw from wells. Water is not the only problem, but food is a big problem as well. As the principal of an elementary school, I see this first hand. People often ask me how I can work at a school when I lose children to hunger and disease from bad water every year. It is hard, but there is also great joy in serving them. It is so powerful to me when people from around the world give generously like the Daughters of Divine Love. They gave us a clean water filtration system that I know has saved many lives. They also raise money in order to feed the children twice a week. What a blessing!

There are still so many places without good drinking water and where the children are hungry. We provide water to ten new families or neighborhoods every month, but we want to see that number triple this year.

Give only $60 a month to provide clean water to a new neighborhood and help us make that goal a reality.

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