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Eugenia Orhii – Educating the Needy

I am Ms. Eugenia Orhii, and I work as a lawyer with Orhii Law Firm in Sugar Land, Texas. I originally hail from Benue State, Nigeria.

My first experience with the Sisters was when I was in high school. I attended Divine Love Catholic Girls School in Nigeria. There was a very close relationship especially with the principal you know, who considered us like her children.

I wasn’t a bad kid, but I was definitely in need of some growing up at that time. I might talk back to a teacher or throw a tantrum when I didn’t get my way, but Sister Mary Paul really taught me discipline.

She instilled real values in me, disciplining with love. I grew up with my parents and later on lived with my sister. I have no doubt that they love me, but that was an expected love. You expect your parents to love you, but to have an outside figure, an outside person that’s not part of your family show you that unconditional love, that was what the Sisters were to me. They loved me even when they had to punish me because I misbehaved or hadn’t done my work, and that made me a better person.

They have influenced every part of my life so deeply. They believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. I would never have thought I could become a lawyer, but they always believed in me and called me on to believe in my own potential.

That’s really how I try to raise my own children. The Sisters taught me unconditional love and discipline, and I raise my kids the same way. That’s why my family is so committed to supporting their work. We wouldn’t be where we are without them.

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